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Shipping and Ordering Information

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
There is never a shipping charge for our Message in a Bottle personalized greetings shipped within the USA. All Message in a Bottle personalized greetings shipped outside the United States will be shipped via U.S. Mail and the consumer will be responsible for all shipping charges that may apply.

All orders shipped within the United States greater than $50.00 receive FREE shipping, orders under $50.00 please see shipping charges (listed below). Orders shipped outside the of the United States will be shipped via U.S. Mail and the consumer will be responsible for all shipping charges that may apply.

Order Total

UPS Ground
NO PO Boxes

Air Express
No PO Boxes

Up to $14.99



$15.00 - $19.99



$20.00 - $24.99



$25.00 - $29.99



$30.00 -$34.99



$35.00 - $39.99



$40.00 - $44.99



$45.00 - $49.99



Free Shipping via
(UPS ground)
on Orders over $50.00
within the U.S.A.



$75.01 - $99.99



$100.00 - $125.00



$125.01 - $150.00



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How Do I Place An Order?

We encourage you to order our products online with Credit Card, Check or PayPal. You may also order by phone and fax. If you are concerned about credit card safety please see Is It Safe To Order On Line?

Don't worry! You can cancel your order at anytime during the order process. You won't be charged for anything until you enter your payment information. Below are the Six Easy Steps To Place An Order

STEP 1: Shop for Products

When you find a item you desire enter the amount in quantity and click on the "Add to Cart" or "Order" button to add it to your "Shopping Cart". You will then be taken to a screen which will display all the items currently in your cart. Items may be added or deleted at any time from the screen which displays your shopping cart.

STEP 2: Add, Modify, or Delete items

To continue adding items, click the "Go Back" button to be taken back to the page you came from, or "Store Front" to continue shopping. If you wish to increase the quantity of an item you have already ordered, simply adjust the the number of units in the space provided and then click the "Order" button or "Change Item Quantity" button in the cart. You may also delete an item by clicking on the "Remove Ordered Item" and then place a check mark in the boxes next to the item you want to remove. Then click on "Remove Checked Items" to complete the removal of the unwanted items.

STEP 3: Proceed to Checkout

When you have completed your shopping, press the "Check Out" button if your viewing your shopping cart. To view your shopping cart simply click "Your Order" from anywhere on the page and you will be taken to the shopping cart.

STEP 4: Tell Us Where to Ship Your Order
Here is where you tell us where to ship your order. Please indicate the street address of your residence or business.

STEP 5: Tell us How to Bill Your Order

Here is where you tell us your billing address and what credit card you want your order charged to. For credit card security purposes, your billing address must match the address that your credit card statement is mailed.

STEP 6: Place Your Order

This is the last step. When you press the "Place Order" button your on-line order will be securely submitted to us.
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Order by Phone - It's Fast & Easy
Simply click on
Contact Us to place your order by phone using a personal or business check for payment. To save time when ordering, please have the item number and quantity you want to order ready and any payment information you need before you call. Thank you.
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Ordering by FAX or Snail MAIL
Our OnLine Secure Order Form is designed for electronic ordering or you can enter all your information along with your order on-line. Once you filled out the form completely print it out and Mail or Fax it along with your payment. You can Fax in your orders 24 hours a day (seven days a week). Click on
Contact Us for our Fax number. Please confirm that your order form is complete and that all payment information is included. Thanks Again
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Gifts for Her

The centerpiece of any
collection of carousels.
This masterpiece
represents the
highest achievement
in authenticity
and craftsmanship.
See the complete
Carousel Collection

"Four" a Golfer

Golfer carved in glass
Golfer carved in glass.
Image of one of the world's favorite sports is a great gift for any golfer. 5 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 6 3/8" high.
Glass Collection


Elvis Clock
Elvis pictured on this
scallop-edged oversized
clock. Glossy black and
imbedded with glitter.
15 1/2" x 21 7/8"
high x 1 1/4" thick
Visit Our Complete
Clock Collection

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