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SEND A UNIQULEY DESIGNED MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE TO A LOVED ONE TODAY Spacer DON'T MISS ANOTHER SPECIAL OCCASION EVER AGAIN, Our date selector allows you to enter the date you want us to mail OUT your Message in a Bottle. SpacerRomantic Gift Ideas in a Bottle from the Largest Manufacture of decorative Message in a Bottle personalized greetings for Romance, Love, Friendship, Christmas, Anniversaries, Wedding Invitations or any Occasion.Spacer Don't know what to buy for a Friend or Loved one and your on a budget? Give them a Message in a Bottle with your Personalized message printed on the Scroll

Message in a Bottle personalized greeting cards in a bottle are an affordably unique gift idea for the Holidays or any occasions. The Message in a Bottle is the most unique greeting card to express your greeting for Love, Romance, Wedding invitations, Holidays, Christmas, Valentines day, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Shower invitations and Business promotion. The most unique greeting card you will ever send or receive.

All of our bottled greeting cards and invitations are Handcrafted and created by the staff of
The Greeting Store to ensure a high level of quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Personalized greeting cards in a Bottle "Message in a Bottle" are uniquely decorated for any Occasion,
contact us for volume discounts or if you require volume orders designed for your special occasion, invitation, announcement or promotion. The ideal Greeting Card for Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Wedding invitations, Anniversary, Birth Announcements, Invitations and Corporate promotions.

Our Message in a Bottle with a Tombstone design inside proves to be the most unique gift idea for anyone enjoying an Over the Hill birthday. Send one of our unique Over the Hill bottles and they will defiantly be the center of attention for anyone that is lucky enough (or NOT) to break to over the hill barrier.

Message in a bottle is one Greeting Card they won't THROW away!!!

Message in a Bottle (personalized greetings) are a terrific new way of sending Greeting cards to your Loved Ones, Friends, Relatives and Business associates for All Occasions.

Ideal for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Get Well Wishes, Announcements (Engagement, Wedding, Baby Shower, Birth, Parties, Business).

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Message in a Bottle collection

Create Your Own Personalized Greeting with one of our bottled greeting cards for the Christmas Holidays and watch the Loved Ones in your life light up when they open your Gift.

Tell your Loved ones, Friends, Coworkers how you truly feel about them this Holiday season and be remembered forever.


Attractively Decorated, Inside you will find festive decorations for the appropriate occasion.

Our personalized message bottle greeting is one of the most unique invitations for Weddings and Business promotions, birthdays or any occasion.

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Sending Your Message in a Bottle greeting card to a friend, loved one or invite hundreds of people to your weeding or birthday party.

Each Message in a Bottle (except the Over the Hill bottle) is mailed in a white shipping tube and wrapped in delicate tissue to enhance and protect the elegant Keepsake that they will proudly display for years to come.

Our Over the Hill personalized Message in a Bottle is mailed in a BLACK shipping tube, fitting for the occasion!!!
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We will mail them directly for you, It couldn't be any easier!

Create a lasting memory for that special person celebrating one of those memorable OVER THE HILL Birthdays. Send them one of the most unique greeting cards in a bottle with a Tombstone and your personalized greeting along with an unusual message on the Tombstone.

They are sure to remember this very unique greeting on that special day!

Click Here to select your Over The Hill Tombstone in a Bottle and be remembered.

Click Here to view our complete selection of all our Uniquely Designed and Decorated
Message in a Bottle greeting cards designed and created by The Greeting Store.

Looking for unique invitations for (Weddings, Baby Showers, Birth Announcement's or Company promotion? Look NO further, our staff will design your special invitations and personalized scrolls according to your needs.
Contact us for additional information on our custom designed Message in a Bottle, (Custom designed invitations require a minimum order of 50 or more.)


New Gifts Certificates in a Bottle - Fun, Easy and Affordable way to send your Personalized Greetings and Gift Ideas for All Occasions.
With Gifts in a Message in a Bottle you won't wonder about size, color or taste ever again. The Recipient of your Gift will receive a decorative
Message in a Bottle with your Personalized Greeting imprinted on the Scroll, along with a Gift Certificate of your choice. We will mail your Gift Certificate with your selected Message in a Bottle within 24 - 48 Hours, or as specified by You!

Create the Perfect Gift

  • First, Select a Message in a Bottle for the Occasion from our online Catalog.
  • Second, Compose your own Greeting for the Scroll on the Order Form.
It couldn't be Easier to send them a Gift you know they will Love!!!


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