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love message bottle

love message bottle

love message bottle

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Looking to send a free eCard, you've come to the right place. Select from thousands of free online eCards for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers and Fathers Day, Holidays, Christmas and Valentines Day.

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Our Online Electronic Greeting Cards are Easy To Use!!!
By clicking on the appropriate link below, you can create or pick up your Free Electronic Greeting Card. When creating your Hot New Electronic Greeting Cards, you will be able to customize its layout by choosing options suited to you.

First, you will select the language to be used.

Next, you will choose a Picture from our vast assortment, or you may upload your own image. The next step allows you to select from a variety of music titles, or you may upload your own.

After filling out the address and enclosing your special message, you can preview your digital postcard before sending it off. IT'S THAT EASY!!

Your family, friends or business associates will receive a claim number in an email notice letting them know a greeting is waiting for them. (You may also choose to have confirmation that your Greeting Card has been received.)

Please be sure to tell everyone about our FREE ELECTRONIC GREETING CARD !! They are great for holidays,birthdays, or to announce a new service or product to business associates!

Ecards, Create Greeting Cards Create Free Electronic Greeting Cards


When picking up your Free Electronic Greeting, have your claim check number ready- After clicking on "Pick Up Your FREE ELECTRONIC GREETING CARD " enter your claim check number in the space provided.

Ecards, Pickup Greeting Cards Pick Up Your Free Greeting Cards

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Helpful Ideas


LOOK MEN, NO MORE EXCUSES--We have no long lines to wait in,no one will be looking over your shoulder to embarrass you,our post office never closes,and even if you forgot your checkbook or wallet at home it's OK--OUR Electronic Greeting Cards ARE FREE!!!


WOMEN EVERYWHERE-- Copy Tip #1 and send to all of the men you know!!!


A great way to announce something "NEW" to business or organizations!


Parents-send your children a Electronic Greeting Card to remind them of chores or appointments.


Educators-our Free Electronic Greeting Cards are a great tool for student achievement awards!


Hey kids, now it's your turn - tell your parents,friends,teachers,etc. how you feel by sending them a humorous message. (You won't need to waste your allowance on a card, our Electronic Greeting Cards are FREE!)


We encourage romance,but if you secretly admire someone you can send your Electronic Greeting Cards anonymously! For this purpose,we recommend using a false email address that you know couldn't possibly belong to someone. (example: or


Ever forget a birthday or anniversary? With our Free Electronic Greeting Card Service, you can get your "greetings" all done at once but sent on the days you specify.


You can save time by sending one card to numerous people at the same time.

The Greeting Store Staff hopes you enjoy our Free Online Electronic Greeting Cards and we would be honored if you use them often. Please Drop us a note, we would love to hear from you.

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