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We check our links frequently to be sure that they are active. (Use this text link code provided below to link to us):


Please copy and paste the following link information for our Store into your Link page. Once we have received and verified that you have added a Link back to us your link will be posted within 24 - 48 hours except for Holidays and weekends.

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<A HREF="" Target="_new"><B>Affordable Gifts, Message in a Bottle personalized greetings</B></A><BR>Affordable Gifts and Message in a Bottle personalized greeting cards. Send a unique Message in a Bottle or shop our Huge online Gift and Greeting Store.<BR><BR>
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The HTML code shown above will produce a text link on your site as shown below.

Affordable Gifts, Message in a Bottle personalized greetings
Affordable Gifts and Message in a Bottle personalized greeting cards. Send a unique Message in a Bottle or shop our Huge online Gift and Greeting Store.

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